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Childrens Robes by Terry Rich

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Welcome to Children’s Beach Robes

Thanks for stopping by! We are experts in children’s beach apparel in general and children’s beach robes specifically. This site aims to be a great source of useful and practical information for parents (mostly!) about children, the beach and the very handy beach garment known as a Children’s Beach Robe. With many years experience with children and the beach we are more than happy to endorse this simple but wonderful garment that has become an absolute beach essential for so many families that love to swim.

There is a lot of information here, but if you have any questions please email us at any time and we will be glad to help. Yes, this is a real website with real beach robe experts behind it. You see, we not only have a great deal of personal experience in this area but we are also associated with the world’s leading designer and producer of Children’s Beach Robes, Terry Rich Australia. Terry Rich pretty much invented the Children’s Beach Robe category and brought it to the world in 2005. Since then Terry Rich have been at the forefront of category advancements and today offer arguably the world’s best children’s beach robe that can be made. Learn more about Terry Rich and their Beach Robes here.

So again, welcome the Children’s Beach Robes. We hope you find our site useful.

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